Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New, Vintage Vandercook Arrives

With the help of longtime letterpress printer Gene Hancock and Hancock Printing Equipment Co., and through the generosity of Henry and Gerry Wehle, the Tampa Book Arts Studio welcomed the addition of a Model 219AB Vandercook this summer.

This model, serial number 18565, was manufactured in 1957. For many years it was part of the shop equipment at Tampa Thermogravers, the Wehles's shop at 1506 West Kennedy Boulevard. It offers a larger print area (18¾" × 28") than our Vandercook 4, and features an adjustable bed, especially useful when printing non-standard blocks or cuts. The press will also provide the chance for a few more students to gain hands-on experience with printing.

Thanks also to Carl Mario Nudi and Jim Anderson for helping the move go smoothly. With a little cleaning and pampering, we hope the Vandy 219 will be producing pages sometime this fall.