Friday, June 22, 2012

Arthur Flowers Visits Tampa Book Arts Studio
For MFA Keepsake Event

This incantation from the work of guest writer Arthur Flowers has been printed letterpress at the Tampa Book Arts Studio by participants in the second MFA residency at the University of Tampa, July 2012

Guest Writer Arthur Flowers, who was on campus this week for the second residency of the University of Tampa MFA in Creative Writing, joined graduate students in the Book Arts Studio to print letterpress copies of a keepsake. The graphic was printed in yellow on the 1848 vintage Hoe Washington hand press on which J. J. Lankes printed his woodcut illustrations for the poems of Robert Frost. The type was cast on our Ludlow and printed on the hand-turned Vandercook 4.

Below is a reading from novelist and literary bluesman Arthur Flowers as he performs in Sykes Chapel on the University of Tampa campus during the June 2012 MFA residency.