Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Keepsake for Karen Russell & MFA Students

The Tampa Book Arts Studio welcomed guest writer Karen Russell and MFA residency students on Friday, Jan. 3, 2013, for some hands-on letterpress printing just outside "the swamp.” The quotation used on the keepsake is from Russell’s novel Swamplandia, set in the Florida Everglades, and though the ’glades begins a little further south, Tampa has a claim on swampland, too—which makes us all “swamp people.” 

Participants printed two colors on the keepsake, using two different presses, and also saw a demonstration of how to make decorative paste papers, watched slides and videos about the letterpress era, and shared a variety of refreshments. This is the third time the Book Arts Studio has hosted this event for graduate students in the writing program—with about 90 participants this time around.

Every student was presented with a portfolio to carry their paste paper samples and hand-printed keepsake.

Retired printer Henry Welhe demonstrates the Intertype to MFA student Charles Wheeler and guest writer Karen Russell.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The first Florida Letterpress Wayzgoose
(coming soon)

Fellow printers have recently been invited to attend the first FLORIDA LETTERPRESS WAYZGOOSE at the Tampa Book Arts Studio. The day will be a chance to meet and talk shop—and there will be tables set up for a SWAP MEET and DISPLAY. 

Gary Johanson will be on hand to demonstrate platen press printing. Peter and Donna Thomas will display some of their work and demonstrate hand papermaking and their miniature Hollander beater.   There will be hot metal demonstrations on our Intertype, Ludlow Typograph, and Monotype caster. We'll also print a keepsake or two that day, with demonstrations of printing on a Washington Hand Press and a Vandercook.

We anticipate welcoming some special guests: LES FELLER, letterpress printer and retired founder of the Printer's Row Printing Museum in Chicago, will be on hand to chat about some of the antique broadsides, blocks, and presses he has donated to the Tampa Book Arts Studio. DON BLACK, of Don Black Linecasting in Toronto will be here to answer Intertype questions and talk letterpress. And RICH HOPKINS, whose new book on the Monotype will be hot off the press, will talk about the past and future of Monotype casting and sign copies of TOLBERT LANSTON AND THE MONOTYPE: THE ORIGIN OF DIGITAL TYPESETTING.

[For printers & guests who are planning on attending and need surrounding hotel information: The University of Tampa has a hotel list of discounted nearby hotels and info about the campus shuttle.]

Publishing, Printing, and Book Arts Finals

University of Tampa students from English, art, and creative writing recently completed the first full-semester course in Printing, Publishing, and Book Arts at the Tampa Book Arts Studio this fall. Along with learning how to hand-set type and operate a press, the students were also taught papermaking, bookbinding, typographic design, marbling, paste paper techniques, and other related skills. 

Azizeh Mubaslat, left, and Claire Barley finish up their joint signature for the class project, a hand-bound book entitled Inspiration 2012.