Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Printing with Steve Heaver - Day 4

Sunday was not a day of rest at the Book Arts Studio. Too much work had to be done and we didn't want to lose the momentum gained over the previous three days. Time was spent adjusting each page of text in the form, adding and removing underlay during an intensive trial-and-error process. A few lines were corrected with new castings made on the Intertype. By mid-day, it was time to print in earnest.

About the photos 1) Steve discussing a finer point of the project; 2) a marked-up page from a proof sheet showing problems with the underlay; 3) fixing the underlay; 4) the results of the improved underlay are apparent in this subsequent proof; 5) Carl resetting a line on the Intertype; 6) Richard replacing the line cast by Carl; 7) a stack of finished pages; and 8) a detail from the sheet showing a page spread.

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