Friday, January 18, 2013

Publishing, Printing, and Book Arts Finals

University of Tampa students from English, art, and creative writing recently completed the first full-semester course in Printing, Publishing, and Book Arts at the Tampa Book Arts Studio this fall. Along with learning how to hand-set type and operate a press, the students were also taught papermaking, bookbinding, typographic design, marbling, paste paper techniques, and other related skills. 

Azizeh Mubaslat, left, and Claire Barley finish up their joint signature for the class project, a hand-bound book entitled Inspiration 2012.

Freshly printed signatures for the the class project are laid out to dry.

From the left, Brynna Payne, Joanna Hynes, and Claire Barley work on glueing their binding boards for the bookbinding project.

Nikita Hernandez glues up a cover for a bookbinding project.

Student work was displayed on the last day of the semester for a class critique.

The broadside Meigan Montoya produced for the class was displayed on the last day, together with the Ludlow type that Meigan set and cast to print it with.

Guest artist Bridget Elmer discusses the students’ work during the class critique.

Brynna Payne explains her unique type project on the last day of the semester. She glued large wooden display letters onto a type-high block to print her display type.

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